Common Mistakes Everyone Makes when Memorize Fast

8 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes when Memorize Fast

The following are the top memory mistakes when memorizing fast and strategies you can use to fix them. It may take a little effort, but the results can immediately pay off by improving your mental efficiency and preventing disaster for yourself and others. It’s impossible to keep everything in your brain. Its main reason is that our brain’s memory capacity is finite. The problem is, many of us think it is bigger than it is. You may think you have about six or seven “bits” of current information in mind at a time, but some researchers believe the average is closer to four.


“All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes.” 

                                                                                                               Winston Churchill

 There are some Common Mistakes Everyone Makes when Memorize Fast

  • Mistake#1: Not choosing the right environment

 Making one big change is easier than making many small ones. Your learning environment is often making that significant change in which you can learn with the same amount of effort, time, and intelligence. Sometimes the problem is not with you or the specific habits you have created. But the problem is with your environment that is deliberately hindering your success. Look for people who have grown much faster than you and ask yourself if they have a different environment in which they have that speed. this thing will help you to memorize fast.

  • Mistake#2: Not having a plan

This is the biggest mistake of almost all students and is the source of many future problems. Your standard book has an average of a thousand pages, and you need to memorize a significant portion of it. Remember that 90% of learning is done by you and not in class. If you don’t create a daily or weekly plan from day one and divide your work accordingly, you won’t cover all the material in the required time. Remember, “not planning is planning to fail.”

  • Mistake#3: Marking the entire page

You try to memorize lines fast by reading the textbook, but somehow you illuminate everything and don’t remember anything. When you learn this page again, you will be confused. So, the more of the five senses you use in your study, the more likely you remember the information. Use fewer marks on the page. Only mark the important ones.

  • Mistake#4: Multitasking

You try to work for all your classes and, at the same time, continuously switch between projects. This is especially common during finals. People are very bad at multitasking. While we think we focus on two things at once. When we switch between 2 tasks very quickly, meaning our brains never have time to adjust to either one entirely. Unfortunately, the only way to avoid this is to plan for memorizing fast. Make a study program in advance and determine which days you will spend on which subjects. You will be able to process material more efficiently than if your attention was divided between the tasks. You will eventually feel more confident about it.

  • Mistake#5: Studying in a way you don’t enjoy

It is essential to study and memorize in a way that you enjoy! Do not read books that do not interest you. Instead, I encourage you to learn in a way that you enjoy, maybe through classes, maybe through an app or video game, or maybe through casual conversations with others.

  • Mistake#6: Not practising enough 

Marking a textbook is impractical for memorizing test fast. Rereading notes is not practical. These activities can be helpful to some extent. But your memorizing ability usually suffers when you spend the most time on them instead of practising them. Practice means trying to answer a question without looking at the answer first. It also develops your memorizing skill, not just learning about it. It means that you will receive feedback on the success or failure of your attempt. You can practice through self-assessment even if you don’t have much material. The next time you read a book, you want to remember, write questions instead of statements in your notebook. 

  • Mistake#7: Believing the Myths 

Are you a student who believes in speed reading? Are you expected to have a particular memorizing style that makes you a visual, kinesthetic, or auditory learner? Could you not do it? These are just myths that, in addition to not helping you learn, ultimately hinder and limit it. Even though you may like to study groups, they are as helpful as you may think!

  • Mistake#8: Not having enough fresh air

 Many students lock themselves indoors in a world dominated by technology and spend hours on their phones or playing video games. However, getting plenty of fresh air is very important because of the great impact on well-being. A recent study found that taking a short walk, even just 12 minutes, can improve happiness, focus, memorizing ability, and confidence.

How to Memorize Fast and Easy

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