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50 Powerful Happy Affirmations for Joy in Life

Happy affirmations are a significant part of your life because without novel happiness your life would be miserable. If you want to lead a satisfactory life, you ought to be happy. Sometimes, we tend to find happiness in everything we do. But keep in mind that happiness or joy does not lie in things, it lies in our noble intentions and our good deeds, and it leads to a positive and happy life. Then, it reflects in our attitude, our behavior, and our way of thinking.

50 happy affirmations you must practice in your daily life

  • I do not let the melancholy invade my thoughts and  mood
  •  I find ways to be happy.
  • I trust myself as I deserve to be happy.
  • I have a happy and exultant routine for myself and would never twiddle my thumbs.
  • Every morning I wake up, I remind myself that I am gratified with my life.
  • I feel myself in the seventh sky.
  • I am optimistic and euphoric.
  • Others negative thoughts about me cannot affect my ecstatic and jovial life.
  • I am the possessor of my dreams and holy grail.
  • I am manifesting positivity in my personality.
  • I am the brightest star in the sky.
  • I learn positive morals from the worst experiences of my life.
  • I am chivalrous.
  • My life is enlightened by love and gratitude.
  • I am the noble version of what I was
  • I have my own choices and priorities.
  • Today is one hundred and one percent the luckiest day of my life.
  • I am energetic and spirited and it is my strength,
  • I start my day with a new zeal and zest and passion.
  • I choose to be different; no copyright!
  • There is no word like give up in my dictionary.
  • I am confident that I can achieve anything I want as I ought to be a dream chaser.
  • I have an intangible perspective of my life.
  • I am eager to bestow love to everyone.
  • I am both mentally and physically stable.
  • I have the urbane attitude
  • I am successful in maintaining a balance between my professional and practical life.
  • I am confident that I can fight evil.
  • I cannot compromise on my dignity and honor
  • I promote self-respect and self-esteem and recommend it to others.
  • I am powerful enough to cope with my problems.
  • I only have room for positivity in my life.
  • I tend to manifest my energy in good things only.
  • I care for my loved ones.
  • I am happy that I am leading a stable and realistic life.
  • I have no regrets because I am what I choose to be.
  • My words are full of benevolence.
  • I am born to be happy.
  • I am willing to accept challenges.
  • I do not say that I am perfect but yes! I am reliable
  • I inhale positivity and exhale happiness with my every breath.
  • I feel like a tiny happy creature floating happily in this huge world.
  • Anyone cannot make me sad because happiness resides inside me.
  • I feel like my heart is pumping happiness throughout my body.
  • Every day of my life is full of pleasures.
  • I am a living star on Earth no one can betray me.
  • I have a firm mindset.
  • A shining star like me cannot be miserable because my existence aims to give hope to others.
  • I am happy that I am doing well for my good.
  • Last but not least I am happy with my life.

Importance of happy Affirmations

You must identify the significance of happiness in your life. if you think that happiness lies in money, status, a car, a big house, or being rich; then you should have another thought coming because happiness is not something that comes from the availability of everything in your life. After all, it is a sacred feeling, a mystic feeling or you can say a holy feeling that resides inside your body and soul. 


To be happy is a simple task as only you have to do is to feel this holy feeling in your inner self. Just take a long satisfying breath and let the feeling of happiness avail you.

When you are happy, your heart spreads positivity in your blood which accumulates in your whole body and makes it an undetachable part of your personality. Moreover, a happy heart produces happy vibes that become a source of happy affirmation for others also.

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You are Born to be Happy

Have trust in yourself as you are born to be happy.it is your primary right to be happy and others do not have the authority to snatch your legal right from you. So, you must not pay heed to the negative comments of others. Keep a maximum distance from such people. Do not bother with their words. Just think positive and be positive and let the happiness flow from your soul.


Last but not least you should keep in mind that happy affirmations are a significant part of your life because without novel happiness your life would be miserable.

We assure you that through the joy or happy affirmations mentioned above you can make your life more convincing and satisfying. so your prime task is to get a sound and healthy sleep, wake up early in the morning and repeat those affirmations for happiness (mentioned above) every day, and then enjoy a happy day indeed.

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