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Positive Affirmations for Anxiety and Depression

What Anxiety is exactly: Anxiety is “A feeling or emotion having stress and tension”. It can be any negative and worrying thought in mind that disturbs. Positive affirmations for anxiety or depression are to spend some time with yourself daily to achieve inner peace. In anxiety, some people fly into a rage without any valid reason. It causes severe disorders like negative mental and physical outcomes.

If left unchecked, it will cause stress and tension, which can seriously affect your overall well-being.

While it was once considered to be a healthy emotion or reaction to environmental stimuli, it has now been deemed a potential behavioral disorder with negative physical, mental and emotional outcomes. It is one of the main problems of our new generation. They are overwhelmed with anxiety and negative thoughts.

Anxiety and its impacts:

A large population of our youth is suffering from anxiety. They are not sure about their goals and life purposes. It became very difficult for them to overcome mental stress and negative thoughts. This kind of behavior does not allow them to do something productive.

Anxiety is not related to physical disorders, instead, it is something related to our mental health. An anxious person always remains confused about what he wants to do. This stops such persons from availing the opportunities. In a very short way, I want to say that anxiety is not going to give you anything good. So, avoid being an anxious person and be confident about your goals and dreams.

What to do to overcome Anxiety/depression:

Keep on repeating the positive words that encourage you during situations of anxiety. Positive words and affirmations can help you to eradicate the pain of worry. Though they do not erase anxiety suddenly, they will help out to relieve the distress to some extent.

Positive Affirmations counter the stress by using techniques of optimism. Go in the direction which you want. You are the only one who decides what to do in life.

According to Dr. Seuss;

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You are on your own. And you know what you know. And you are the one who will decide where to go”. Dr. Seuss

Spend some time with yourself daily to achieve inner peace. Accept the challenges of life warmly and do not be afraid of them. Tough situations just come to polish your ability.

So, be positive and tackle them with patience, and do not get confused. All this helps you to come out of anxiety. Below are some affirmations that help you out to overcome anxiety;

How Positive Affirmations can help to overcome Anxiety:

According to Alves;

“A daily routine connects your affirmations to things you do on a regular basis. This helps positive affirmations become an automatic response, like getting into your car and putting on your seatbelt without thinking”. positive affirmations

Affirmations are proving helpful for many people. We will see how they help to alleviate stress and mental tensions.

Affirmations work by creating changes in the brain:

Researchers and experts believe that affirmations are the best tools that work by creating changes in the brain. Research trusted sources suggested that positive affirmations build positive experiences that can activate the reward system of the brain. When a person thinks positively then he obviously sees the positive outlook of the future.

The brain is flexible and life experiences can change its way of perception. You can use affirmations to make this flexibility of the brain helpful for you because the brain itself cannot differentiate between actual and imagined experiences.

Affirmations help to change negative thoughts:

A person who always remains sad and anxious becomes a depression patient. Negative thoughts destroy his mental peace and it also affects the personality of such a person. Research shows that people living with depression have a large number of negative thoughts.

According to Adds Alves;

“Affirmations are a great tool to help shift the balance because they help you replace negative thought patterns with healthier, more positive thoughts”.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy states that replacing negative thoughts with optimistic and positive thoughts can be useful to get rid of depression. By addressing negative thoughts of your mind and changing those with positivity help out to overcome anxiety.

Positive affirmations for Anxiety:

Anxiety has many forms and affirmations may not identify symptoms unless you personalize them. Affirmations help you to value yourself and develop positive thoughts.

Following are some positive affirmations helpful for reducing anxiety;

Identify and enlist your specific negative and anxious thoughts:

The first step you must take is to write all the thoughts that make you anxious. You can write them on a notepad or on a mobile phone.

After a few days, you will be aware of negative thoughts that trouble you. Then start working upon them. Replace such thoughts with positive affirmations. Keep reminding yourself with positivity.

Keep your affirmations Realistic:

When you keep affirmations real they will increase the chances of victory. Do not affirm the things that are not true because it will make you pessimistic instead of optimistic. So always be realistic in affirmations.

Add affirmations in daily routine:

During a state of Anxiety, affirmations help to reduce it but they have a more powerful impact when you add them to your daily routine and repeat them regularly. Keep doing so for more than a month. Improvement does take place suddenly. It may take some time. Make affirmations part of your life to get rid of stress and anxiety.

You can only control your own actions:

Remember you are responsible for your own actions only. You cannot control other people and their behavior. Just focus on your own goal and do not feel what other people say negatively about you.

Many will discourage you but keep in mind that nothing is impossible. Making everyone happy is a foolish thing in my opinion because you cannot make everyone happy with you.

Any remarks of people that make you anxious are not good. Just ignore them and move your own way. Anxious thoughts make it difficult to focus on the positive aspects of life. Affirmations help to see a positive outlook on life.

Don’t be afraid to accept anxious thoughts:

If you are anxious then do not worry because it is part of you. Face it and work upon them by using affirmations. Failures should never discourage you. Do not think that you cannot do it, but keep trust in yourself and manage worries around failure. Try to achieve your goal with new inspiration.

Seek a therapist help if you have severe anxiety problems:

Sometimes anxiety affects relationships, health, work, and daily routine badly. No doubt that affirmations are helpful in releasing anxiety but if it does not work go to a therapist and get medical help.

A therapist can help by first identifying the causes of your anxiety and symptoms. Once he becomes aware of the causes he will help to cope up with the situation.





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