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Meditation Affirmations : How to Create and Use for Positivity

Affirmations are positive assertions that are just like exercises for the mind. Meditation is basically an exercise or practice where people use different methods or techniques where people practice them to boost up awareness and attention.

Affirmations help to overcome challenges and negative thoughts that help to survive better life. Positive thinking brings positive changes in life. When you start repeating and practicing affirmations in your mind, they will rectify your thoughts. Then you will act and think differently. 

Employing Positive Affirmations: 

You can use affirmations anytime when you want to see positive and good changes in life. These might include times when you want to:

  • Boost up your reliance before business meetings or official presentations
  • Overcome and control defeatist fellow feelings i.e., irritation, nervousness, or anger.
  • Upgrade your dignity.
  • Finish projects you have started.
  • Boost up your productivity.
  • Eradicate and overcome a bad habit.

Benefits of Self-affirmation: 

Following are some benefits of Self-affirmations;

  • Self-affirmations are very helpful to lessen the outcomes of depression and stress. 
  • Affirmation exercises enhance problem-solving abilities as well as reduce tensions.  
  • People with low confidence and having mental problems can be treated with self-affirmations.
  • It is also helpful in regard to making positive changes on health too.
  • People with self-affirmations know their worth and further improve their comfort level. 
  • Affirmations are basic tools to set your goals. When you know about your goals you want to achieve positive statements and keep motivated and confident. 
  • When you keep reminding yourself with them, they will keep away from negative thoughts. One of the best ways to keep yourself optimistic is to repeat affirmations, again and again, a day so that they can keep you away from negative behavior.


Meditation is basically an exercise or practice where people use different methods or techniques where people practice them to boost up awareness and attention. It will help them to achieve a stress-free and relaxed state. It will help to focus on goals and particular objects and avoid negative thoughts.

Affirmation Meditation:

Affirmation Meditation is the exercise and practice of positive thinking and self-confidence. I already said that affirmations are positive and optimistic thoughts. Affirmation meditation includes ways to overcome fears and negative thoughts. Effective affirmations are always positive and beneficial.

How to Create Affirmations and Use Them During Meditation:

Always focus on blessings and things you have and forget about those things which you do not have. Embrace little things and enjoy them.

For example, during a tough situation, you can use an affirmation like “I feel sympathy and kindness towards myself during difficult times” rather than “I don’t engage in negative self-talk during difficult times.”  You have to identify what you exactly want and then create affirmations according to them.

Your affirmations should be based on your condition. Anything you want to achieve in the future must relate to the present moment. Do not say I am happy rather that I will be happy and find ways to be happy. You will see a positive change in your life after continuously practicing affirmations during meditation.

Meditation with your affirmations is full of positivity. When you are in a relaxed and calm state then your mind is in a conscious state and it will provide you with a positive affirmation. 

Techniques for Affirmation Meditation:

Relaxing with your affirmations:

This is the most popular way to experience affirmations. Lie down in a comfortable place and remember your mind. Many people do this at the sleeping time and that brings positive changes in life. Enjoy your affirmations and go to sleep regularly.

Active visualization with affirmations:

This technique is somehow different. Keep your eyes closed and sit and stand. Repeat them again and again until they fix your mind. Try to feel your affirmations consciously.

Make yourself feel that you are experiencing affirmations. You can also shake your hands and move your body to play. Feel what you are thinking. Many people are reluctant to this method but it is extremely powerful.

Follow these steps to use affirmations during meditation;

Step One: Just go to a comfortable place where no distractions are present. Do it for 15 minutes. Try to wear loose outfits which are comfortable. 

Step Two: Sit in an easy and comfortable way without any support and stay alert.

Step Three: Close your eyes and concentrate within. Write down all the thoughts that are keeping you away and keep your mind clear if you find you’re thinking of items that will distract you, it’s OK to write them down and empty your mind.

Step Four: Concentrate your attention on breathing. Take your breath in and out. Say some positive affirmations about yourself that motivate you.

Focus and think about blessings you have in life and forget all about your shortcomings. Think about all those things which make you happy.

Step Five: You will feel that your mind is in a continuous process of thinking but do not worry at all about it. It is natural you need to remain focused on what you are doing.

Step Six: After completing meditation, take a rest for a few minutes and come back to your daily routine.

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Simple tips for incorporating affirmations into everyday life:

  • First of all, write an affirmation that gives you motivation on a paper and place it on a wall or somewhere you will see it again and again on a daily basis.
  • Use an encouraging affirmation during exercise to help you keep going.
  • Use any positive remarks and self-loving affirmations while looking in the mirror.
  • You can keep a screenshot of your affirmation on your laptop and mobile screen.
  • Remind yourself about affirmation before you go to sleep.
  • Do not waste your time on social media, instead use it for thinking about your strengths.
  • During times of stress, choose some affirmations and use them daily.

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