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Speak into Existence: Desires, Dreams or anything you want

Speaking into existence is a simple and easy task that you can fit into your routine work. The main point which you need to take into consideration is determination and confidence. When you speak of anything that you want to do then make sure you do so.

A person who is not true to himself

For example, if you say, “I really want to join this farm, but I know that I am not the best candidate, so the panel might not even consider me for the position,” you are being hesitant about what you want. It shows that you are not certain about what you want to achieve. The person who is not true to himself then how can he be when telling someone else? The same case is with you when you are not sincere to yourself.

You might never know how people will react when you tell them about your wishes. It might be helpful for you. There may be a person with whom you discuss your issue have some connections with the head of the farm. And he helps you out based on your passion.

The worst that could happen is nothing

I will simply say that something you feel so intensely about into existence then trusts me you may be given opportunities that you have never thought possible before. Although it may not take place instantly, you just need to struggle for it continuously. The worst that could happen is nothing. So I must say ensure you that when you take chances and do an effort then the whole universe may just be in your favor.

Can we actually state things into Existence?

God designed the sky and the earth by speaking. He just said let there be and then there was. God spoke the world into existence in his great power. He created a universe that was null and uninhabited. From that came this beautiful world we see and live in.

The question that arises is that, in this case, has God passed this same strength and authority to you and me? Can you really speak things into existence? There are scriptures that seem to support this point of view so let’s analyze some of those so we can find the answer to this question.

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Words Are Powerful; know their value:

I have no doubt to say that your words are influential. Proverbs tells us that life and death are in the power of the tongue. That’s exactly right. Your words have the power to uplift and life to a person’s soul. Words can also be discouraging and pessimistic. It can be so heart-wrenching for someone that can bring death to their dreams. A single word of encouragement can change a life.

speak existance

I remember when I was about to give up my journey of struggle due to continuous hardships. At that one of my teachers said a few words of encouragement which gave me the power to start again. That was a turning point in my life. The purpose for telling my story is that words exactly have the power to change lives in a moment. Although your words have the power there is also a limit to that power. We cannot compare it with God‘s power.

Your responsibility is to let your faith in God:

Your main responsibility is to work hard and let your faith be in the God who calls things into existence. And it is not your own ability to do that. Believe in God just like Abraham did. God told him he would give him a son in his old age. Abraham believed what God said, even though it took 25 years. Because Abraham believed in God, what God said came to pass in Abraham’s life. Let your faith not be in your own words and the way you think instead let your faith be in God’s word. Here is what we know about God’s word:

“So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it” (Isaiah). Trusting God is the biggest guarantee that you will ever in your life. He helps you in an incredible way.

What should you do now?

I just want to encourage you to speak. As I already told you that life and death are in the power of your tongue so speak words of inspiration. Speak but with caution. Your words may not hurt others. Assure that what you speak gives hope and life to others. Accept the challenges of your life and never give up.

Furthermore, while speaking, remember to put your faith, not in the words you speak. Because that is not where the power comes from. Put your faith in God who has promised and said to bring his word to pass and came into existence. This is the actual source of your power.

Always put your faith be solely and completely in God and his word because we definitely know that his word will fulfill the purpose for which it was sent. Do your part and leave the outcome to Allah Almighty. Many people forget it. They do not do their part and think everything will happen magically. It is not possible. Firstly you should work hard then you have to leave everything on Allah Almighty.

Why speaking into existence has become so popular:

Speaking it into existence has become so popular. The reason behind this is that people look for things to happen stunningly without having to put in their effort. Please do not be that type of person. Be the person who adheres to their dreams but knows when to tackle them accurately. Understand the fact that the world just isn’t about to gift you your every last dying wish; you will have to work hard for it. Then you will be able to get what you want.

Whether speaking into existence is a real thing?

Some people just talk and only a few do great things. The people who just talk and do nothing are worthless. Their work does not go according to their work. If someone is just talking and do nothing then I cannot feel pity for them when they fail at getting their dreams and goals to come true. The person who takes responsibility for his actions always succeed. I can fully say that such people deserve what they have wished for.

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