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What Does Abundance Means Spiritually?

Do you want to know what does abundance means, spiritual abundance, this is very similar to the idea of belief One has faith in a Spiritual Teacher and God even they never saw them in life. It is about the power this faith gives us. We often hear that with faith one can walk over the ocean. Although physically it is not possible and it is just a state of mind.

It is the inherent tendency of nature and of life to multiply, grow, and become more and more. In our surroundings here are always new trees, new plants, more fruits and multiple types of new things. The novel things are being constantly introduced; new technology came; new types of machinery are produced which made life easy than before.

What does it actually mean? The word “Abundance” came from the Latin word ‘Abundantia’ which means plenty of riches. It also means bountiful, or a surplus quantity of something.

How can you Feel Abundance in your life?

If you feel that you are not part of the abundance of the Universe, it is because you don’t let yourself think in unlimited ways. You limit your thoughts to the things that exist in your life right now, and not expanding your vision and horizons to greater opportunities.

There is abundance in the Universe, and everyone is part of it, no matter where he or she lives, and irrespective of one’s situation and circumstances. To participate in this wealth and richness, you need to open your mind to it, feel it, and expect it.

One of the ways to open your mind to prosperity, richness, and plenty, and to attract them into your life is through the power of visualization.

Spiritual Abundance  

Abundance is about the sense of satisfaction that comes from what we do have and it does not focus on what we do not have. This satisfaction may come from what you already have and for others, it may never be attainable easily. Abundance is a state of mind. If we are satisfied with the fewer things we need then life will become easy. Happiness and abundance are not associated with things and money. It is a personal experience of gratitude that brings a sense of prosperity and abundance.

what does abundance spirituallyThe thing that matters is satisfaction and gratitude about things you have because nothing can make you happy except your own thoughts.

Way of Betterment from Less to More

New cars are being produced; a new variety of man-made things came; new houses are being built, and new jobs are created. However; we can say that abundance is the way towards the betterment of everything i.e. from less to more.

As we know the Universe is always expanding and growing and it is present everywhere. It is present in an endless number of stars. Even new stars are being created and discovered which abundance on the cosmic level is. Abundance also appears in the life of humans, animals, plants, and trees.

New people are born; new energy sources are discovered and a lot of new things are emerging on this planet.

What does Abundance mean to you?

You are part of this abundance in-universe. If you think that you lack aplenty in life then it is because of some negative thoughts and attitude that is blocking it. The reason behind this is that some people think that abundance is only associated with wealth and money. But in reality, abundance is not related to it.

 How can you Fascinate Abundant in your life:

To fascinate the abundance into your life, you just need to feel abundant. You have to develop an “abundance consciousness” so that you can feel comfort and ease with life.“Abundance consciousness” is becoming aware of the presence of an excess of everything, of feeling it in your life and enjoying it, and of connecting with it with your life. You have to feel it even if it doesn’t seem to be a part of your life at this moment.

It also stands for feeling and realizing that you are a part of it and it is part of your life. It is all about having faith and confidence in life and its beauty. You have to broaden your vision about life and feel the comfort of life you have.

Another way that can help you manifest abundance in your life is through the repetitions of affirmations about positivity. These positive statements can open the gate to prosperity and happiness.

What Abundance actually is:

This life is full of opportunities and abundance. Many people feel disappointed about life and never feel the beauty of the universe. They always think about the shortcomings of life. That’s why they expect little and also get little.

“Life is a field of unlimited possibilities.”

“If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough.” Robert Zoellick.

“The world is full of abundance and opportunity, but far too many people come to the fountain of life with a sieve instead of a tank car, a teaspoon instead of a steam shovel. They expect little and as a result, they get little.” Ben Sweetland.

Spiritual Abundance as a Positive Response to Our Current Challenges

Abundance is not about material things and conditions. It is about enjoying a life full of joy and strength of mind. This is necessary for the cultivation of the creative energy of the universe. In order to spend abundant life, you have to remove negative feelings, dissatisfaction, and emptiness.

It can help you to experience the feeling of freedom when you went away on vacation, enjoying adventures in undiscovered landscapes, or exchanging stories with the local people. This well is plentiful and bountiful, and you can tap into it and enjoy it. It could be the happiness in focusing on each breath, in savoring a moment, in giving back, and in the feeling of the afternoon breeze on your cheek.

Meditation for people

In meditation people use a technique which is focusing on an object, thought or activity to train their attention and awareness in order to achieve an emotionally relaxing and clear state of life.

These techniques have spread beyond Asian cultures. All these meditation techniques are benefitting people in health and work settings, and are helpful in the quest to lower stress and anxiety and in promoting a sense of abundance through feelings of peace and well-being.

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